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Get better sleep. Start a new workout routine. Practice mindfulness. As you make resolutions to improve your life, you might also find yourself setting some goals around your career, including exploring the employment market.

But you can’t simply wish your way to a more fulfilling career. You have to work at it.

To help you find a position in 2021 that matches your skills, experience and interests, start working toward these job search goals now:

Goal #1: Update your CV and LinkedIn profile

You can probably think of a million things you’d rather be doing than writing a CV. But you’ll do yourself a favour if you have an up-to-date document at your fingertips.

One mistake people frequently make is to wait to revise their CV until they find a job opportunity that interests them. That prevents them from applying for the position right away. And by the time they have an updated version ready to submit, it may be too late. So, don’t delay.

While you’re at it, review your LinkedIn profile and make sure it reflects your most recent professional accomplishments. Your profile is essentially your online CV, and many employers search for candidates on LinkedIn as part of their recruiting efforts. You want your profile to reflect the same information as your traditional CV.

Another advantage of having a polished LinkedIn profile? Recruiters often use LinkedIn to identify passive job seekers. With a solid online profile, you’ll increase the likelihood that a recruiter will take a closer look at you.

Goal #2: Strengthen your skill set

To realise your job search goals, you need to be ready to compete for the roles you want, of course. And no matter your chosen industry or career, developing an in-demand skill or pursuing a certification can help you to stand out as a candidate.

Pursuing professional development shows initiative and a commitment to learning, as well as an understanding of what it takes to excel in your field. It also makes it easier for you to answer the question that all hiring managers are likely to ask in one form or another: “How can you add value to the organisation?”

Possessing certain abilities and credentials can also help you negotiate a higher salary. (Robert Half’s Salary Guide offers insight into how much more employers are willing to pay professionals with coveted skills and certifications for certain roles.)DOWNLOAD NOW