What is Talent Acquisition ?

TALENT ACQUISITION is the process of identifying, attracting and onboarding skilled workers to efficiently and effectively meet dynamic business goals and fill project requirements.

In the current economic climate, job availability and demand for talent has grown, but it has also grown increasingly difficult to fill those open roles, as many companies now find it challenging to attract qualified workers across skills and sectors. A comprehensive talent acquisition strategy has quickly shifted from a “should-have” to a “must-have.”

As a strategic function of an organization, talent acquisition encompasses talent procurement, forecasting, pipelining, assessment, and development. Leveraging tools, technology, and outsourcing partners are also vital for effective talent acquisition strategies to fill open positions quickly.


Why you need Talent Acquisition ?

> 50% of HR managers say they have open positions and not one qualified candidate to fill that opening.

A good talent acquisition strategy can help companies to transform recruiting from a reactive, as-needed function to a strategic, proactive hiring process.

Moses Wills employs a cyclical approach on how to recruit top talent, geared towards nurturing long-term relationships, proactively building applicant pipelines to meet current and future business needs, and creating a sustainable pool of talent for a diverse workforce.

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Acquire Talent with MOSES WILLS

The main advantage of working with Moses Wills on a Talent Acquisition search is that we know how to acquire professional talents, which is what we are doing now. With our deep understanding of Talent Acquisition, recruiting techniques, and what makes a professional in this area successfully, we help organizations in determining exactly what they want. Since our company has gained the trust of talent recruitment positions, our recruiters maintain a good connection with us and are trusted by the most experienced talent recruitment specialists

Talent Acquisition Process

Our talent acquisition process involves several complex steps. The most essential of those include:

  1. Lead generation
  2. Recruiting and attracting top candidates
  3. Interview and Assessment
  4. Evaluating references
  5. Selecting the best candidate(s)
  6. Hiring and Onboarding
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FAQ of Talent Acquisition

What happens when I contact a recruitment agency ?

Normally you will be asked about your business, your company’s hiring needs and your contact details. Role specific questions will also be asked regarding the preferred start date of the role, salary range, skills and experience requirements, working hours, interview preferences and the location. Usually the placement fee will be confirmed or hourly rate quoted on the phone for you to make a decision.

Do you offer replacement guarantees if things don’t work out?

Absolutely! We do expect candidates we have sourced to be very well matched to the roles. Staffing does however guarantee to provide you with an alternative candidate for the same position if the original candidate departs or is dismissed within 3 months. In our experience 3 months provides plenty of time for a candidate to settle nicely into the role. In our experience it’s unusual for carefully recruited and well matched candidate to leave a position.

Do we need to pay an upfront fees ?

Other than executive search where an upfront retainer usually charged, we don’t charge any upfront fees unless they source a fantastic candidate who starts working for their clients. 

How much do we charge?

We charge for permanent recruitment a placement fee of between 15% and 25% (depends on recruitment level) of the annual salary package of the candidate.