Join Moses Wills as a specialized recruitment consultant and be part of a high performing team that offers a rewarding career.


Have the right Personalities

  • ambitious
  • able to sell (yourself and the services of the business)
  • able to effectively communicate at all levels
  • academic achievement or ability
  • commercial awareness and exposure
  • competitive approach to business
  • confident with a proactive outlook
  • energetic
  • enthusiastic
  • entrepreneurial
  • first-class presentation skills
  • flexible
  • goal-oriented and motivated by rewards for tangible results
  • outgoing and personable
  • persuasive
  • professional
  • self-starter
  • strong work ethic
  • versatile and able to adapt to the highs and lows of a fast-moving business


We grow successfully together with :

  • Our attitude 

    If you are positive, motivated, demonstrate initiative and are persistent, you will succeed. It may take a while, but if you have the right attitude, every resource will be available to help you fulfill your potential.

  • Our commitment 

    Commitment is the key to success in our business. We are definitely not a nine-to-five organization! You must be prepared to put in the hours consistently and make productive and creative use of your time.

  • Our activity 

    In the early stages of your career with aimHigher, your days will be spent making telephone call after telephone call to reach prospective candidates and clients. The level of activity you perform will have a direct bearing on your future success.

  • Our teamwork 

    We rely on teamwork and trust. It is important that you enjoy working within a team towards a common goal and can develop close bonds of trust with your team mates.

  • Our judgement 

    Recruitment is a judgement business. You rely on your judgement every day when you make decisions on business opportunities and situations. Other people also rely on your judgement when you recommend they meet a candidate or a client. Sound judgement will come from listening and learning, as well as from experience and common sense. What will make you successful?

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